The Library Index has been updated to January 11, 2022

THE Regina Whittlers and Woodcarvers Club maintains a fairly extensive library of woodcarving magazines and reference books.  The library is located at the Neil Balkwill Centre.  The library can be accessed during our carving events or at any time when the room is available by checking in at the front desk.

There have been some changes to our library during the last year.  The shelving has been replaced and we have done an inventory of the library content.

A big thanks to Andre Beaudoin who continues to update the index to articles in Woodcarving Illustrated.

The following are PDF documents that document library contents as well as an index of selected patterns offered by the magazines listed:

RWW Carving Library – All Books to December 31, 2022.

WCI Index to Isse 101

Chip and Chats Carving Patterns to March 2019

Wood Carving British Edition, to March 2019

To use these indices, simply load the PDF and then use the search function to discover the book you want by title or author … OR simply browse the listing of titles

Another resource that is available is .  This site has an index that lists all the articles and subjects back to the beginning of the “Wildfowl Carving” magazine. You may then check our Library listing to see if RWW has a copy.