Meetings Begin Again

The Regina Whittlers and Woodcarvers Executive is planning meetings beginning September 10th, and Carving Nights September 17th. We will be following the rules set out by the Balkwill Centre in response to the Covid-19 emergency, so remember to wear your mask and bring your “Show and Tell” projects on the 10th. Topics for the evening will be “Establishing Protocols”, Showing off your Covid projects from a distance, Beginner Carving Plans, Our Next large project and Member Feedback”

See notes below regarding the Carving Night and the Loon Project.

Carving Projects

2019 – 2020 Haida Salmon Carving

On Sept. 17th Sharing of where members are at with their Salmon and Tim will outline the required supplies to paint in October.

2018 – 2020 Loon Carving

The Loon project will finish up on Thursday, September 17th with a demonstration of the application of iridescent powder to the head of the loon and varnish to the beak and quills. There will be time and supplies and equipment for those who are ready to use that evening. Also there will be paint and powder for those completing their loons at home. Be sure to contact Bill Dearborn if you plan to apply the iridescent power and varnish, but ALSO let him know if you need supplies to apply them later.