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2019 Regina Woodworking Show and Sale




Heads Up Everyone!

Artistry in Wood, the 2019 Show and Sale,
scheduled for April 13th and 14th

New Location! The Italian Club, 2148 Connaught St (13th Ave & Connaught)

As usual our Regina Whittlers and Woodcarvers are working along with the South Saskatchewan Woodturners Guild. Linda Anderson, Herb Klassen, Tim Caswell, Sharon Bender, Bill Dearborn and Peter Dielschneider from RWW and Larry Mack and Andre LeRuyet from SSWTG are the planning team for the Show.

We are very pleased to have booked the Italian Club as our location. It is totally accessible, has excellent parking, plenty of display space and will cater our Saturday night banquet in the same location.

If you haven’t already done so, put April 13th and 14th into your datebook right now – and plan to be there -- having a display table or sharing one, helping out with demonstrations, donating to the Penny Parade, attending the banquet or simply enjoying yourself wandering through all the great displays.

If you want to display or sell, you can book your table now.
Display tables cost $25 and sales tables are $35.
If you feel that you don’t have many carvings to display, ask someone to share a table with you. It’s a lot easier to share a table with another carver (or two) who will take turns being present at the table. You will have time to work on carving while you are watching your table and chatting with people who come by.

If you are one of our newer carvers and do not feel you have many carvings to display, please let Herb, the Registrar, know that you are looking to share a table. The planning team will be glad to help everyone have a display.

Please fill out your table registration form as soon as possible and give/mail it to Herb.
Buy your Banquet tickets at the same time.

Banquet tickets will be $30 for a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings.
The social hour is a lovely time to relax and visit with others. The Italian Club will cater and operate the bar.
You don’t have to book a display table in order to come to the banquet! Please contact Herb if you want tickets. Please feel free to bring family or friends to the banquet. It would be a lovely treat for people to visit Artistry in Wood on Saturday afternoon and then stay for the social hour and banquet.

Gift Exchange – We are encouraging those attending the banquet to plan to bring a small piece of your art for the gift exchange. Many of you will be familiar with the gift exchange that we do at our Christmas party. This is even better because the Turners also participate and bring some lovely items. You have this advance notice so can start working on something for the Exchange now!

Carving demonstrations
Sharon Bender is organizing the carving demonstrations
This is not as difficult as it sounds! All you have to do is sit at the demo table for an hour and work on one of your projects. You don’t have to teach anyone. People tend to stand and watch and oh and ah and ask things like, “How long does it take you to do a carving?” Then they say, “I could never do that.” Sharon will be making a schedule for those who are willing to do a demo.
Sharon can be reached at or 306-527-5188

Penny Parade
Herb Klassen is organizing the Penny Parade - where people attending the Show buy a strip of tickets and put them in containers set out for each item in the Penny Parade. Members of both clubs provide the items for the Parade and there can be all kinds of choices of attractive items to donate or to win if your ticket is drawn at the closing of Artistry in Wood on Sunday. The Penny Parade is very popular!

Please consider donating a carving or other item to the Penny Parade – a tool, a carrying case, a book, a painting, a quilted piece, etc. Think of items that will be attractive to anyone who attends the Show! (Re-gifting can work just fine for the Penny Parade.)

The Penny Parade has been highly successful at previous Shows, thanks to the quality of the items donated and the willingness of people to buy tickets. Items for the Penny Parade can be brought to the Tartan on Friday evening or on Saturday morning, or you can arrange a way to give them to Herb before that.

Linda Anderson, for the Artistry in Wood Planning Team


Registration Form for 2019 Artistry in Wood Show


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